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Countdown for Artifact launch
Welcome to LearnArtifact
The site recently launched so a lot of things are still in the works.
Our main goals right now is to implement the decks section up and running while expanding the current pages, like the Cards and Info sections.
We have broader plans for the future, which you can read about in our Site Launch announcement
Certain things are left as a placeholder since they're not finished yet, but will be soon.
Thank you!
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The info section is a place where you can learn more about mechanics and other Artifact knowledge with in-depth information that covers everything. Each page also has a list of relevant cards.
Black (Color)
Black is one of the colors of Artifact.
.: Siege focused abilities and cards
.: Cunningness and assassinations
.: A mixture between Agility and Strength DotA heroes
.: Black has been likened to the Rogue class in Dungeons and Dragons (...)
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Swap (Keyword)
Two units switch positions with each other.
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Mana (Resource)
Mana is one of the main resources in Artifact
Each lane has it's own mana pool
.: Each lane has 3 max mana in the first round and goes up by 1 point and refreshes at the beginning of each new round
.: Mana can also be gained through certain effects or abilities
Mana is used to play Creep Cards, Ability Cards, and Improvement Cards. (...)
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Consumables (Item Type)
Consumables are one of the categories of Items, along with Equipment
Consumables are played similarily to Ability Cards where they have a 1 time use
Like equipment, Consumables have a cost of gold to buy, aka draw, from the Item Shop
The 3rd slot in the Item Shop is dedicated to consumables only, but the Secret Shop (1st slot) may also have consumables (...)
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Taunt (Keyword)
All enemy neighbors are forced to attack this unit during combat.
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