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LearnArtifact | Aug 16th, 2018

The official Artifact website has been updated for the first time, featuring some new cards and other information.

Our card database has already been updated with all the new cards, so you can visit that to search and filter for various cards.

Here is a summary of the new information:

New Cards
.: Grand Melee
.: Red Mist Pillager
.: Hand of God
.: Disciple of Nevermore
.: Chen

Old Cards With New Info
.: Payday
.: Blade of the Vigil
.: Conflagration
.: Divine Purpose

Tournament @ Pax West
Pax West will fight in a single-elimination gauntlet tournament to see who faces the tournament champion on the main stage. There will be 4 decks to choose from, each with their own flavor and archetypal structure.

"Aggro - Black/Blue - Hit the opponent hard and fast - Your troops are vulnerable. You must deploy your resources wisely, exploiting the weaknesses of your enemies since you can't match their strength head-on. Dimensional Portal provides the raw materials you'll need. Assault Ladders and Disciple of Nevermore provide the support you'll need to decimate the enemy tower." - Taken from, Valve's Official Website

"Econ Ramp - Green/Black - Protect your position as you pile up heaps of gold - Cast Payday to double your gold. Then double it again. Your money and your mana bring colossal beasts like the Thunderhide Pack to bear on your opponent. It is only a matter of time before your immense resources and powerful creeps overwhelm your enemies. If they don’t beat you early, they will lose." - Taken from, Valve's Official Website

"Control - Blue/Red - Control the board until you knock the opponent out with a masterful blow. - Conflagration sweeps the field, and Thunder God's Wrath cracks their weakened heroes. Your ever-growing force of Red Mist Pillagers threatens immediate victory if your opponent drops their guard for even a moment. You're ready with Time of Triumph, prepared to crush them if they try to stall." - Taken from, Valve's Official Website

"Armored Cleave - Red/Green - Dominate the lane with heavily armored and hard hitting troops. - Cleave allows your heroes to spread damage around to all your foes, cutting a bloody swath through your enemies. Break the symmetry of Grand Melee by deploying armored units against squishy, unarmored enemies. It is only a matter of time before your army is the only one left standing." - Taken from, Valve's Official Website

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