Countdown for Artifact launch
Decks consist of various cards that must be pre-built before a game starts

Players have to construct a regular Deck and an Item Deck

Regular Deck details:
.: No confirmed required number of colors
.: Requires any 5 different heroes
.: Requires 3 copies of the Sigium ability of each hero (totals to 15 cards)
.: Minimum of 40 cards but no maximum (15 of the cards are included in the deck automatically, so the player can choose 25 of them)
.: No maximum number of copies of non-hero cards

Item Deck details:
.: Requires exactly 9 cards
.: The 2nd slot in the Item Shop is devoted to your Item Deck
.: You draw cards from the Item Deck by buying them with gold from the Item Shop during the Shopping Phase
.: Item Deck consists purely of Equipment; no Consumables
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