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Silence (Keyword)
The effect of Silence hasn't fully been confirmed yet

Speculation and reasoning leads to believe that Silence could have 1 or both of the following effects:
.: The unit's Active Ability, Continuous Effect, or Reactive Ability will be disabled for a duration
.: The owner of the unit won't be able to play Ability cards of the same color as the unit

Background knowledge of DotA 2 Silence mechanic:
.: Silence causes the hero to not be able to cast abilities, but passive abilities and items are still useable
.: Break causes no passive abilities to be in effect, but active abilities and items are still useable
.: Mute causes no abilities, passive abilities, or items to be useable
.: So far there's no mention of Mute or Break keywords in Artifact
Cards That Feature Silence
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.: Truth to Power
truth to power Silence a unit this round.
Truth to Power
  • Card Type
  • Color
  • Cost
  • Effect
  • Ability
  • Green
  • 5 Mana
  • Silence a unit this round.
Flavor Text
None Available

Card Prices
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