Countdown for Artifact launch
Release Date Announcement & Artifact @ Pax West
LearnArtifact Team | Aug 1st, 2018

An announcement has been made that Artifact will be playable at Pax West from Aug 31st to Sept 3rd. Attendees at Pax West will be able to play a Gauntlet mode that Xyclopz had leaked in his Facebook leak.

Artifact had itss official steam page updated and Artifact has been announced for a release date of Nov 28th, 2018. Each page on our site has a countdown timer on the bottom right for the launch.

Lastly, information has leaked that each pack will have 1 Rare (or more?), 12 cards, and cost $2 each. Artifact's launch will come with 2 starter decks and 20 packs.

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