Countdown for Artifact launch
Site Launch
LearnArtifact Team | July 25th, 2018

Today marks the day our site has launched!

The website will be here for the long term, and we're going to put a lot of effort to centralize all information about learning Artifact. You won't have to scour multiple websites for guides, meta snapshots, references, mechanics, find relevant news, or even to simply find out more about cards or other information. We're going to offer this all in one spot, formatted to be easier to access than most other sites.

However, there's a lot of work ahead of us. We've created the cards section and started the database page for mechanics and keywords, but there's a lot to expand and we're going to be working hard on that. Additionally, the design of the site isn't up to par for what we want, and we'll be working on that as well.

Our primary goal with the aesthetics of the website is to keep a minimalist design while providing a lot of tools and information. A lot of gaming websites have too much clutter that becomes information overload when you're already trying to learn something related to the game. Why should anyone have to learn to navigate a cluttered website before learning what they originally came to learn? Our site will be streamlined to be intuitive to navigate, but at the same time, we want it to look good.

We're excited for Artifact as much as anyone else in the community so we want to get a lot of things up and running as soon as possible. Even though our team is small, we're working hard on each of these goals. Some are reliant on the game being released in some shape or form, but some we're going to be launching very soon. We'll post updates and site announcements in the Community News section, on Twitter, and occasionally on the public Discords or Reddit.

Thank you for being a part of our site

Short Term Goals

.: More formats to view the cards
.: Table format: A table format meant to provide a better view of card stats
.: Simple format: Similar to what we have now, except only relevant gameplay information, no empty space, and no images.
.: Spoiler format: Only art, but shows information upon hovering

.: More ways to search for cards
.: Search by stat values (Cost, Power, Armor, Health)
.: Search by subcategories (Sigium Abilities, Consumables, etc)

.: Expanding the database
.: Adding images where necessary
.: Adding hover tooltips for cards and links on desktop
.: Adding and expanding information across the board
.: Adding a note container where important information is converyed immediately

.: Fully functional, lightweight, easy to use deckbuilder
.: Submit decks publicly or privately
.: Multiple card filters and view formats within the deckbuilder to find the card you want
.: Access to a wide variety of statistics while building your deck
.: Include an optional deck guide
.: Link your YouTube/Twitch/Reddit/website within the deck guide optionally
.: Discuss and comment on the deck
.: Update the deck as time goes on

.: Deck Finder
.: Find decks created by the community through an expansive search and filter system
.: Find decks by individual cards or a certain quantity of individual cards
.: Find decks based on recent pro matches
.: Find decks from meta snapshots

.: Site wide fully functional search
.: Clean search index that shows all relevant results

Long Term Goals

.: Community-made guides section
.: Player made guides that allow players to find insight into various topics
.: Filter guides and content to find exactly what you want
.: Spotlight for consistently educational streamers
.: All content submitted will have to be approved to made sure is educational

.: Meta Snapshot Collection
.: A collection of meta snapshots all in one spot

Other Goals

.: Continue updating game information site wide
.: If any new cards or new database information becomes available, our site will be updated immediately.
.: We'll update the News sections always with any relevant information, and never with any redundant information or speculation

.: Continue improving the aesthetics of the site to maintain minimalism but increase attractiveness
.: Our team is small and new to web development, but as we learn more techniques, we'll be implementing them
.: New design features will never conflict with ease of use, readability, or add clutter

.: Only include uninvasive and lightweighted ads
.: There are no ads currently, but we will be turning them on in the future
.: We will never restrict access to the site in anyway before you turn off AdBlock. If you want to keep AdBlock on, that's your choice

We appreciate any and all feedback so that we can improve the site to the communities liking. We will be improving the method to contact us in the near future, but for now you can contact us through one of these methods:
Discord: LearnArtifact#0001
Twitter: @LearnArtifact
Reddit: /u/LearnArtifact

Thank you for being a part of our site,
LearnArtifact Team