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Xyclopz Facebook Leak
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LearnArtifact | July 25th, 2018

Treephob "Xyclopz" Tiangtrong, a DotA 2 Caster, leaked a bunch of information that featured some new cards and insight into how Artifact works. While the information hasn't been confirmed and could be fabricated, it was posted by his personal Facebook to a Thai Facebook group which was meant to "provide guides for an upcoming game being released before Dec 31st". The leak is considered to be real by some prominent people in the community.

We'll give a rundown of all the new information in this article, but we won't be including the new information in our Information Database or other sections until it's confirmed, to maintain the authenticity of those sections. If you guys would prefer for us to include it, let us know through one of the contact methods at the end of the article.

Quick Summary

.: Artifact cards will have 4 rarities: White, Bronze, Silver, and Gold
.: Pugna is a red hero with 6 Power, 0 Armor, and 9 Health
-- Pugna's ability effect is an Active Ability named "Nether Blast" with 3 Round Cooldown. Condemns a random enemy improvement
-- This is the first hero that has an Active Ability
-- Confirmed that cooldown value means rounds (was speculation before)
-- First active ability with a cooldown longer than 2 rounds
-- Pugna is the first hero that has leaked Lore/Flavor text
.: It's likely you'll be able to choose the order of your heroes
.: Xyclopz thinks Artifact probably won't have a beta
.: There are tournaments happening every week with a $100 Prize Pool in the closed alpha
.: "Gauntlet Mode" where you draft a deck and duel an opponent

General Information

.: 4 Rarities: White, Bronze, Silver, and Gold
.: Xyclopz doesn't think there'll be a beta
.: Xyclopz thinks there'll be about 12 cards per pack
.: Xyclopz says that Kanna is an end-game focused hero
.: There's a tournament every week with a $100 prize pool, and a "Gauntlet" mode where you draft and duel your opponent (details unclear)
.: He says the game is kind of hard at first, but once you learn it it's extremely fun

All Cards Teased

Cards which weren't shown in actual gameplay footage or pictures are highlighted yellow. Note that all of these were known from the Copyright Database before

.: Beastmaster (Red)
.: Centaur Warrunner (Red)
.: Mazzie (Red)
.: Ogre Bruiser (Red)
.: Pugna (Red)
.: Tidehunter (Red)
.: Timbersaw (Red)
.: Ursa (Red)
.: Dark Troll Chieftain (Blue)
.: Earthshaker (Blue)
.: Kanna (Blue)
.: Meepo (Blue)
.: Ogre Magi (Blue)


.: Color: Red
.: Stats: 6 Power, 0 Armor, 9 Health
.: Active Ability: Nether Blast - 3 Round Cooldown - Condemn a random enemy improvement
.: Sigium Ability: Nether Ward(?) - Cost: N/A -
.: Lore Text/Flavor Text
The Tyler Estate. It seeks to control magic. Punish those that violate rules set by the Quorum. But I will show them that some things cannot be controlled. And when the Tyler Estate Burns, I will set my sights on Weeping Rose itself.
---Pugna, Ill-Tempered Nihilist

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Special thanks to Reddit user Brin69 who was the first to let us know about this information via the subreddit for Artifact

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